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Emotional intelligence, with an emphasis on compassion, humanizes science. Strategy and statistics are necessary, but not sufficient for impactful science. My approach humanizes science through emotional intelligence for greater impact.

Increase your organization’s impact.


Having the impact you want means finding the right approach for your organization. I can help you identify the right strategies -- research-driven ones -- that will align actions with vision to achieve the outcomes you're seeking.


Identify key questions. Get answers.


Every organization faces the unknown -- What works to improve emotional intelligence? How do we know our program is ready to scale? How do we ensure fidelity of implementation? I offer an extensive toolkit of research methods that will help you get answers, not just statistics, and ultimately solutions.


Experience meaningful professional development.


How do you ensure the people driving organizational impact are prepared? I customize dynamic learning experiences that balance scientific research, data, and real-world applications to build emotional intelligence skills.

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"In addition to bringing her expertise from the research field, Lori helped the board understand the current market dynamics, identified existing models that could serve as benchmarks for Step Up, and provided insight around common needs of funders."

—  Sara Holoubek, Step Up National Board Chair

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Whether you need research or strategy help for your organization or want to learn more about emotional intelligence, I can help.

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