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Organizational developer. 
Research & survey designer.
Rapid-cycle evaluator. Evidence-based advocate. Trainer and mentor.
Public speaker.

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Researcher by training, yogi by practice.

​As a researcher with expertise in emotional intelligence, I value both evidence and emotions. As a yogi, I integrate body and mind through yoga practice. Through consulting, I am better able to integrate my professional and personal learning in the service of others.


My career is devoted to equity and excellence in education, and I believe emotional intelligence, part of the social and emotional learning (SEL) field, is a powerful lever to increase equity.


My own public school education in Norwalk, CT, set me up to attend and work at world class universities. I am a Duke Blue Devil first and University of Virginia Wahoo second. As an undergraduate, I created a personalized program of study combining psychology, education, and policy at Duke University (BA). I continued with interdisciplinary studies for my doctorate at the University of Virginia (PhD). My Yale postdoctoral fellowship expanded my school-based experience by implementing and studying RULER, an approach to teaching emotional intelligence. As research faculty at NYU and Yale University, I honed my research skills and connected research to practice and policy with an emotional intelligence focus.


At this stage of my career, I am excited to ground my knowledge and values in schools and non-profits serving children to increase impact. I enjoy working with both adults and children, and extend my work to other organizations looking to incorporate the science of emotional intelligence into their practices.



Integrating professional and personal learning means I bring my core values to my work. 

“Co-” seeds many of my core values: continuous improvement, compassion, community, common good, and co-creation. Continuous improvement recognizes that each of us as individuals and organizations can learn and adapt each day. Compassion for self is important to balance ongoing improvement -- striving and accepting. Compassion for others creates strong communities. In communities where people are valued equally, they work together for the common good. Even more than working together, I value co-creating, which capitalizes on partners’ unique gifts to develop creative solutions for complex challenges.

continuous improvement
common good
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Whether you need research or strategy help for your organization or want to learn more about emotional intelligence, I can help.

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