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Ready to move to the next level of impact? ​Whether your organization is in start-up or later stages, I will guide you to the strategies that will increase impact. Sharpening your brand focuses vision and improves communication. Aligning actions with vision and mission leads to desired outcomes. Articulating a cohesive research agenda brings critical questions into focus and advances learning. Setting measurable aims surfaces pathways to scaling ideas or programs. Together, we will identify the best set of strategies and align actions for impact.


Setting specific aims is the first step in scaling your impact, and taking you from 1 to 2 to 10 to 100 to...


In January 2017, Step Up ( invited Lori to participate in an expert panel session at its annual board retreat. Designed to serve as a springboard for our long range planning, this panel educated the board on the current state of both social-emotional learning and edtech. In addition to bringing her expertise from the research field, Lori helped the board understand the current market dynamics, identified existing models that could serve as benchmarks for Step Up, and provided insight around common needs of funders.

Sara Holoubek
CEO, Luminary Labs

Step Up National Board Chair

continuous improvement
common good
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Whether you need research or strategy help for your organization or want to learn more about emotional intelligence, I can help.

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