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Find your balance.

EQyoga will give you a greater sense of self-awareness because it’s designed for you. You’ll grow stronger in body and mind, and be better equipped to deal with the world around you.

Personalize Your Practice

What helps you find balance?

Regularly practicing yoga has many benefits. From increased focus to more flexibility to deep relaxation, yoga provides us each with different benefits for our minds and bodies. EQyoga sessions are designed for you - 1:1, couples, or small groups. EQyoga specializes in online sessions that you can access via computer, iPad, or smartphone. Regardless of the medium, the personalized approach holds loving boundaries that help us go deeper - into our yoga practice, into our minds and bodies, and into our relationships. We need to connect within and with each other now more than ever.


EQyoga offers a personalized practice that may include vinyasa flow, restorative poses, breath work, and meditation. All practices will be adapted to your physical, mental, and emotional needs, from back pain to healing from trauma. Let's breathe, move, sweat, and rest together to find balance.



Find your flow with a sweaty, dynamic sequence that pairs breath and movement. We can slow things down to work on challenging poses that require both strength and flexibility. I’ll do the heavy lifting to bring you the latest research (think biomechanics, physiology...) through our play with poses and props. In addition to the work, let’s also find the joy in poses!


Think this is what meditation looks like? I’ll share a range of mediation practices that include breath work (pranayama), mindfulness, lovingkindness, mandalas, and varied options so your toolbox is full of tools that work well for you. Together, we’ll experiment with meditation practices  that help you find peace of mind no matter where you are.


Restorative yoga helps us tap into the parasympathetic nervous system - our "rest and digest" capacity. We’ll use props (like blankets, blocks, bolsters) to support and hold poses longer so that your body and mind can rest and renew. Allow me to introduce practices backed by neuroscience, somatic psychology, and wellness research.

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“ be given a mind and a heart
and these body-clothes,
a mouth with which to give shouts of joy
to the moth and the wren, to the sleepy dug-up clam,
telling them all, over and over, how it is
that we live forever...”

Mary Oliver, My Work Is Loving The World

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Lori Nathanson, PhD, 500 RYT

Your EQyoga Guide

As an accomplished researcher, ambitious entrepreneur, and a devoted yoga practitioner, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others fulfill their potential. EQyoga allows me to continue my life’s purpose on a more personal level.


At Duke University, the University of Virginia and Yale University, I gained a wealth of experience in the field of emotional intelligence (EQ) and passed it on as both a researcher and director of programs that show schools and organizations how to strengthen their EQ.

I’ve been a yoga student for almost 20 years and now I’m an instructor. I teach a vinyasa style of yoga that unites movement and breath to achieve flow and restorative yoga that uses props to support poses so you can deeply relax. Cultivating my mind-body connection, as well as that of my students, allows us to grow on a deeper, spiritual level.

This intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual foundation gives me a unique perspective and shapes my own practice. That’s why I created EQyoga - to reach people in a way no one else really can.

Together, we have the opportunity to put what I’ve learned into practice in a private setting. Your personalized EQyoga sessions provide the kind of attention you won’t find in any studio class — using an approach you won’t find anywhere else.

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"Lori is absolutely one of my favorite yoga teachers. She brings a really unique offering to the table in that she combines emotional intelligence, knowledge and real love in order to enrich and instruct her students. She has fantastic intuition on striking a balance between the calming aspects of yoga and making it a bit more challenging. Her verbal cues are always on point. Many a time I have left her class truly feeling loved and capable of loving. Highly recommend!"

Elizabeth H.

Let's Connect

I'm located in Charlottesville, VA but can connect with you anywhere. Email me to set up a phone call or video chat consultation.

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